Every age & stage in life comes with unique challenges, but the loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult situations to face. Often, grieving family members struggle to deal with the estate.

This is a is stressful, emotional, and physically demanding time for all involved. There is so much to be done. Where do you begin? How will you find the time and energy to do this work?


I agreed to be an executor but I didn’t realize how much work it was going to be. There is no way that I can manage this process and also do all the work. I’m in over my head. Is there anyone who can assist?”

 Age & Stage can help!

For most of us, the job of dealing with a lifetime of memories, personal keepsakes, furniture, and possessions is overwhelming. Who can you turn to for help when you live too far away or when you are simply not in an emotional or physical position to complete the task?

“I work full time, have two active kids, and I live in B.C. I had no idea there would be so much involved with my mother’s estate and cleaning out her home. On top of it, my sister and I don’t always agree on how things should be handled and this process is putting a real strain on our relationship. I wish there was someone who would take care of this part for us.” 

Age & Stage can help!

Age & Stage offers you a single point of contact to streamline estate liquidation services. We provide professional, efficient, and transparent services – a turn-key solution that helps you move forward at a time when moving forward is hard.

Here’s how Age & Stage will help you manage your loved one’s estate:

  • We meet with the executor, family, and/or Estate & Trust Services
  • Identify objectives and timelines
  • Help family to identify items that have sentimental value
  • Pack and distribute items to be sent to family and friends
  • Document and sort possessions to be sold, donated, or disposed of
  • Coordinate and manage estate sale which may involve the use of an auction service (online or physical)
  • Cleaning and follow-up services (e.g. home appraisal) are provided
  • Work with realtor to list home on MLS
  • Stage home for successful sale