For most of us, our home is our largest financial asset. Maximizing what it will sell for and how quickly it will sell is important. We are not in control of everything relating to the sale of our home – we don’t control the market or the interest rates; however, we do have full control over how ready our home is for listing as well as how it presents to potential buyers.

“We have an opportunity to move into a great senior’s community but we need to sell our home. There are lots of similar properties on the market. What can we do to make our home more attractive to buyers and speed up the sale?”

Age & Stage can help!

"My wife was transferred to another city and we moved out of our home several months ago. We are still waiting for it to sell. Our realtor thinks it would show better if there was some furniture and other items in it to make it feel warm and inviting. We no longer live in the area so how can we make this happen?”

 Age & Stage can help!

Whether your house is a long way from being ‘show-home ready’, or simply needs some small adjustments to make it stand out from others, we can help. Our goal is for your home to show better than other similar homes in your area. Using a proven, systematic approach, we can downsize, declutter, depersonalize, and optimize space; as well as design a layout to show off the best your home has to offer. Not only will this increase marketability, it will also save you money on packing and moving costs in the future. This is “working smart” – doing the work once and benefitting twice.


  • We actively listen to determine what your ultimate goal is.
  • We establish your flexibility and timeline for the sale of your home.
  • We discuss a design layout that maximizes your home's features.

  • We depersonalize the space to appeal to home-buyers.
  • We utilize materials you have in your home and reposition furniture.

  • We maximize the potential and first-impression by making small and economical changes to the space.
  • We provide tips and guidelines to best show off your home for potential buyers.