Out with the old, and in with the new… décor styles. Home organization and design is more important than ever before, and it can be the difference between feeling overwhelmed when you walk through the door versus experiencing peace and tranquility as you leave the busy world outside.

“Our kids have moved out and we have rooms we don’t even go into anymore. I’d like to create an office space and my wife has always wanted a craft room. We’re not sure where to begin.”

Age & Stage can help!

“I’m a working professional and I haven’t made changes to my office for nearly 20 years. I am surrounded by dated furniture, binders I haven’t pulled off the shelf in years, and keepsakes that don’t match. I’d love to update my space, but don’t have the time.”

 Age & Stage can help!

“My garage is a disaster! I know I have certain tools, hardware, and supplies but I can never find them when I need them. Boxes keep multiplying adding more stuff to the garage floor. I don’t even like to go out there anymore – it drives me crazy!"

Age & Stage can help!

Whether it is updating your design scheme, implementing space-specific organizing and storage solutions, or simply doing some decluttering and downsizing, we can transform your chaos into order and make all of your spaces enjoyable and functional once more.


  • We actively listen to gain an understanding of your needs and desires.
  • We discuss and share design trends and styles to suit you and your home.

  • We sort and relocate or repurpose items currently in your home.
  • We create a floor plan.

  • We select colours and design scheme.
  • We research items to work in the space.
  • We present the plan and design scheme to you.

  • We purchase approved items.
  • We place and arrange items in your home.
  • We ensure a flow and attractive feel within your space.