Home is where the heart is, and also where we store the keepsakes of our treasured memories. When faced with moving into a new home, many concerns can arise about how to safely transport the things that mean the most to you, as well as what to do with the items you no longer have room for or need.

“We have lived in our home for 38 year and we love it. But we aren’t getting any younger and we struggle at times to keep up with the yard work and home maintenance. Our children live in different provinces and are busy raising their families. We have decided that it is time to move into a retirement community with better access to medical services and social connections for both of us. We need someone to help us with this move”

Age & Stage can help!

“I am an executive in the financial services sector and I’ve just been promoted to head office in Toronto. I need to start my new job quickly and do not have time to find movers, sort through items, and pack for the move. I need someone to look after things on this end and arrange for someone to assist me in Toronto when my belongings arrive.”

 Age & Stage can help!

When it comes to moving, we understand that each of our clients have unique needs specific to their situation. Through a systematic approach and a customized plan, we simplify your moving process and allow you to focus on enjoying your new beginning.

Our Process

  • We actively listen to understand your requirements and timelines
  • We create a customized plan to meet your needs
  • Identify items you want to keep
  • Identify options for dispersing items you don’t want to keep
  • We work with you to create a floor plan for your new home
  • Identify what services will be required at your new home and make arrangements

  • Sort & pack items for distribution to family and friends
  • Sort and pack items for donation and disposal
  • Carefully pack your items so they are ready for their new destinations.

  • Oversee the move to ensure a systematic packing/unpacking process
  • Manage last-minute details

  • Unpack and arrange your belongings in a way that instantly makes your new house feel like home
  • Ensure placement of furniture and belongings is consistent with the floor plan
  • Purchase new items (if necessary) and ensure they are placed as planned
  • Hang photographs, set up electronics, and ensure no details are overlooked

  • Dispose of any remaining items at previous home
  • Clean and prepare your previous home for a successful sale